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Getting to Know Annie Broyles, LPC, Director of Patient Experience/Patient Advocate

At Texas Health Huguley, our associates make the difference. That's why we look for skilled, professional personnel to help us fulfill our goal of providing extraordinary service. At the heart of Texas Health Huguley's success is its dedication to providing the finest healthcare while living out our mission of serving people like those we love the most.

We’d like to introduce you to Annie Broyles, LPC, Director of Patient Experience/Patient Advocate.

Tell us about a day in the life when you’re at work.

One thing I have learned in this position is that every day is different and flexibility is the name of the game!  There is no way to schedule that knock on the door or that phone call letting me know a patient or their family member is in need.  My priority is to serve those in need of an advocate, as for my to-do list, I have learned not to sweat it, it will still be there tomorrow.

What do you love most about your job?

It is in those most difficult of situations when patients and their family members are feeling most vulnerable and being able to meet them at that most vulnerable place and really feel and understand where they are coming from.  Being able to connect at that level with an open mind and loving heart. 

Tell us about the ones you love the most. 

I have been very blessed with a large family that I love and adore, however, the one I love the most is my sweet, precious mother Clara Jo Broyles.   My mother is 93 years old and suffers from dementia. When I think about my mother as a patient in a hospital, it scares me.   Although she has dementia, she can trick you into thinking she can care for herself independently, but she can’t.   My mother is not only the one I love the most, but she is also my why and my teaching tool. Thinking about her safety is what drives me to keep our patients safe in a loving and caring manner.