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Getting to Know Brian Jordan, Director of Engineering Services

At Texas Health Huguley, our associates make the difference. That's why we look for skilled, professional personnel to help us fulfill our goal of providing extraordinary service. At the heart of Texas Health Huguley's success is its dedication to providing the finest healthcare while living out our mission of serving people like those we love the most.

We’d like to introduce you to Brian Jordan, Director of Engineering Services. 

Tell us about a day in the life when you’re at work.

No two days are ever alike at work. When I first began working in facilities management I tried to schedule my days, but I quickly learned that was a waste of time. My main priority is maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for our patients and staff. In any facility equipment could fail, it is my job to minimize these failures or overcome them quickly. Our most successful stories are those where nobody really knows there was ever an issue. When my team can work behind the scenes and make repairs happen without interrupting day to day operations inside the facility, we feel like we have done our job. A large part of my job is keeping up with the ever-changing compliance requirements for facilities.  There are over 300 documents that I must maintain to demonstrate to various licensing agencies that we are maintaining a safe environment for patient care. 

What do you love most about your job?

I love the challenge, the fastest way to get me to react is tell me something can’t be done.  Collaborating with my team to overcome what sometimes seem impossible tasks is both exciting and rewarding.  I also love the people here at Texas Health Huguley; from day one I have been impressed with the friendliness of the staff.  I am proud to work in an environment where the mission statement of “extending the healing ministry of Christ” isn’t just something printed on a wall, but it is something we actually live out daily.  The group of men and women in my department are another reason I love my job. They pour a lot of sweat into making this the best facility it can be.  We have some very talented and caring individuals who I can count on to deliver every time. They never fail to impress me with their dependability and commitment to service.  The entire team has a great and varied sense of humor which makes working in the department enjoyable, and I think we do a good job keeping work fun.

Tell us about the ones you love the most. 

My wife and I met while attending Texas A&M.  I bothered her for months until she finally agreed to go on a date with me to attend the annual tradition of Bonfire on Texas A&M Campus in 1996.  We haven’t been apart since.  With a relationship born in Aggieland that started with an Aggie tradition, it is only fitting that we are those obnoxious college football fans with the maroon cars, house, etc.  We have been married for 16 years and have a four-year-old son.  That is where it really gets interesting, he is 100% boy and moving at the speed of light.  I never imagined being a parent would be so much fun and spending time with him is my number one priority.