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Media Statement


The health, safety and privacy of each patient for whom we are entrusted to care is our top priority. Please understand we are required to comply with HIPAA and therefore not allowed to discuss details about any patient’s care.

A patient’s residency status – whether they are an undocumented immigrant, a political refugee, a permanent legal resident, or someone born and raised here in the United States – would never impact their medical care or whether they are allowed to see family, have access to the phone, or visits from the chaplain. Regardless of any person’s status in the community, we are people serving people as those we love the most.

In situations that involve law enforcement, it is at the discretion and authority of the officers present, not the hospital, as to who has access to the patient beyond the care team.

Every time a patient is discharged from our facility, whether it is a transfer to a higher-level of care, post-acute care, discharge home or otherwise, the physician has determined a plan for the continuity of care. The plan includes appropriate follow-up appointments scheduled with the providers who are able to meet the needs of the patient. 

At Texas Health Huguley, we care deeply about our patients, our community and our team members. We continue to pray for the health and wellbeing of this individual.