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Texas Health Huguley Nurses

The Daisy Award for EXTRAORDINARY NURSES™ is a national program created by the family of J. Patrick Barnes shortly after his death from idiopathic thrombocytopenia Purpura in 1999.  The family wished to thank the nurses, who cared for Pat with great kindness and compassion, by "honoring the super-human work nurses do every day at the bedside."  They did this by creating The DAISY Award, a merit-based award that honors not only great clinical skill and leadership but also strong patient care and compassion.

Meet Our DAISY Award Winners:

Jennifer Davis RNCongratulations to Jennifer Davis, RN for winning the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for the first quarter of 2019. Jennifer, a nurse on Level 4, was nominated by a physician for demonstrating professionalism and care and concern toward patients on multiple occasions.

“One patient was from a group home unable to give much information and was admitted for dehydration,” said the physician. “The day Jennifer took over the patient’s care, she noticed he was not moving his right hip and it didn’t look right. She informed me of the same and the patient had an x-ray after that and noted right hip fracture. She helped me in the diagnosis, which was crucial.”

“Another example of Jennifer’s care was with a patient who was in respiratory distress all night and continued to be in distress in the morning. When Jennifer took charge in the morning, she immediately took necessary actions to take care of the patient.”

Monika Dumas RNCongratulations to Monika Dumas RN, CCRN for the third quarter of 2018! Monika, a team lead in CVICU, was nominated by a patient for her compassionate care.

“While I was in ICU in DKA, I had a couple of frustrations when coming of the insulin drip,” said the patient. “I was getting the correct amount of insulin with my injections for my meals I was having. Other nurses that cared for me were doing what they could to keep me comfortable, but Monika was a little different. She came in and went above and beyond for me, making sure I was completely comfortable – and when she found out I wasn’t, she made calls and made it happen. She is the most outstanding nurse I have ever had in the countless hospitalizations I have had. I have felt very blessed to be in her care and will definitely be choosing Texas Health Huguley again. Monika Dumas – you’re the best!”

Emma Rodriguez LVNCongratulations to the second quarter DAISY Award Winner, Emma Rodriguez, LVN.

As a Transitional Care Nurse, Emma plays such a vital role with our patients as they transition home. In her nomination, Emma was described as an angel and an advocate when it comes to helping our patients with their healthcare needs at home.

Recently, Emma demonstrated how to truly go above and beyond for a patient. During Emma’s third attempt to reach a recently discharged patient, she finally connected with the spouse of the patient she was trying to reach. The woman on the phone was upset and tearful as she told Emma of her husband’s difficult circumstances surrounding his inability to obtain a life vest or a permanent defibrillator that was desperately needed to survive.

As a Spanish-speaking non-resident, the woman on the phone felt alone and at a loss for what the next step should be. Resources did not seem apparent or even possible, but Emma persevered while digging deep into her resources as well as her faith to help this destitute couple.

Emma continued to encourage the couple to keep the faith and not give up hope as she called them every week. Emma’s job did not require her to call every week, but her desire to live like Christ lead her to make those weekly calls.

Finally, one call differed from others as the wife of the patient called Emma. Again, tears flowed but those tears were different from the other tears shed during the other phone calls. Finally, one of Emma’s resources paid off. The patient was getting a permanent defibrillator as he had funding from a local charity. For the first time in a long while, the couple had hope.

Hannah White, Daisy Award WinnerHannah White, RN, is the first quarter 2018 recipient of the DAISY Award.

White was nominated for this distinguished award by a former patient for going above and beyond to not only meet the patient’s needs, but their family as well. The patient’s family was very appreciative of White for the care and concern that she showed them. White connected with them instantly and the thoughtfulness and respect that she showed them was very impactful.

White, a resident of Burleson, is a registered nurse in the Medical Surgery Oncology department and has been with Texas Health Huguley Hospital for over a year. White has been an RN for two years and currently holds an ADN from Texarkana College. White is attending the University of Texas at Arlington this summer to pursue a BSN.

In true testament to her dedication to exemplary patient care, 4th quarter DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner, Samantha Scharnhorst, RN was nominated for the DAISY Award by one of her patients. This patient described Samantha as well informed, heartwarming, comforting and full of professional concern. These characteristics were echoed by other nurses in Samantha’s department who describe her as a pleasure to work with.

Samantha has been a nurse at Texas Health Huguley for a little over a year and started here as a new nurse. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She started her career working at a biotech company working in a lab, but quickly realized that wasn’t for her and she wanted to work with people and patients every day. That realization led her to go back to school for nursing.

Ross Barber, Daisy Award WinnerOur 3rd quarter DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner, Ross Barber, RN, PCU nurse is known to always carry a smile on his face, even when the unit is busy or short-staffed. He is described as an excellent associate and team member, always making time to answer questions from new associates or to go help other units in need of assistance.

His desire to put others first extends to his philosophy of patient care as well. He is excellent in collaborating with PT/OT and social services to make sure the patient has the best possible outcome. He has been known to take time and explain things to patients and families using terms they are familiar with.

An example of Ross’s exceptional care and dedication to serving others like those he loves the most occurred recently. A confused patient did not want to stay in their bed. Ross looked for a solution to calm the patient and found out from the patient’s wife that he liked classic rock music. Ross took the time to play the patient music from his phone until the patient relaxed enough to stay in bed safely.

Joanna Murphy

Joanna Murphy, BSN, RN is the winner of the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ for the second quarter of 2017.

Murphy, of Burleson, works on the medical and surgical oncology unit and has been with Texas Health Huguley for two and a half years. She holds a BSN from Texas Tech University and has two and a half years of nursing experience.

Murphy’s coworkers nominated her for her leadership, love and compassion towards patients and fellow staff members. She shares her passion for nursing with others and inspires her co-workers to listen with their heart. Joanna was also nominated for her dependability and her ability to serve as an advocate for patients.

Tura Smith, RN, Daisy Award WinnerTura Smith helps the whole team function better and treats her patients and her co-workers with selfless compassion. She usually works in the short stay unit, but has been known to help with patient care on different units if she hears they are especially busy. She also facilitates teamwork between day and night shift, making both shifts feel equally important.

Tura meets each day with a smile. Patients and families praise Tura for her great attitude, her professionalism, and her compassion. She calms anxious patients and families in stressful situations. Nurses from other units frequently call Tura for help when dealing with difficult situations.

Whitney SchmidtThe Daisy Award honors registered nurses for great bedside care, so it’s appropriate that a patient nominated Whitney Schmidt.

After earning her B.S.N. at Tarleton State University in December 2015, Whitney joined Texas Health Huguley and works the orthopedic unit at night.

The patient remarked that “Whitney cared for me with confidence, professionalism but with a personal touch. She connected with me first before starting any of my care. She made me feel safe in her care my first night after surgery. I would have thought I was her only patient to care for.”

Whitney received compliments from the patient for correcting some discrepancies in the EMR about home medications, being thorough about pain relief, and “even putting a sheet on the recliner so my legs wouldn’t stick to it. She was so detailed oriented that I truly felt like I was at a luxury hotel instead of a hospital.”

A team leader in the PCU, Barb Jarmon, R.N., joined Texas Health Huguley six years ago as an LVN before becoming an RN.

Barb always has a smile on her face no matter how hectic the day might be. She has a gift for brightening a patient’s day by praying with them or just sitting and talking with them to decrease their anxiety. She treats each team member, physician and patient like the one she loves the most.

Barb played a key role in instituting multidisciplinary rounding on her unit. She worked closely with the hospitalists, care managers and social workers to ensure rounding is productive for patients.

Megan Acuncias, R.N., a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, is described by her co-workers as an excellent team player with a positive attitude. She is always asking coworkers and patients if help is needed.

Megan was nominated by her coworkers for her skills in administering medication to save a patient’s life during a struggle with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura.

Megan has been with Texas Health Huguley for four years, serving two years as a tech and two years as a registered nurse. She values the consistent teamwork atmosphere and is thankful that employees have been obedient to follow Christ through serving his people.

Anna Chang, RN, is known among her co-workers as the go-to person for her expertise in newborn care, and they appreciate that she is always willing to share her knowledge and skills with others. She’s always current on the latest policies and practices, and she works hard but never seeks or takes credit for her efforts.

Families appreciate the atmosphere of calm that she brings. She keeps the patients informed, building a rapport and trust with them. And even in stressful situations, Anna keeps a positive attitude and smiling face.

Brittany Ragsdale, RN is the fourth quarter winner of the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Brittany is a team lead on the orthopedic unit and has been with Texas Health Huguley for one year.

Brittany’s coworkers nominated her for her compassion and her ability to build rapport with patients, making them feel at ease and comfortable. She was also nominated for her leadership and organization, and her good working relationship with everyone.

Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South announces that Shannon Mitchell, R.N. is the winner of the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses for the third quarter of 2015. The Daisy Award is a national program that honors registered nurses for great clinical skill and leadership along with strong patient care and compassion.

Mitchell joined Texas Health Huguley Hospital's Emergency Department in 1993. Later, she worked in both the radiology department and emergency department before transitioning solely to radiology about five years ago.

A resident of Burleson, Mitchell was nominated for the Daisy Award by her co-workers, who say that she is always enthusiastic and upbeat. Her fellow nurses and techs trust her judgment as a nurse and know they can rely on her.  Of winning the award, Mitchell says, "I feel humbled and honored."

Congratulations to Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner:   Farrah Barnes, R.N., a charge nurse in the Women's Services Unit.

Congratulations to Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner:   Stacey Jackson, RN, a charge nurse in the Progressive Care Unit.

Stacey's coworkers praise her for her positive attitude and appreciate that she always comes to work with a smile.  When a challenging situation arises, she stays calm and compassionate to everyone.  Several times a patient or family member has been upset, and she is able to soothe them.

She's a great preceptor for new nurses, and she's quite a student herself-progressing from LVN to RN and now earning her Master's which shows her dedication to her profession.

She's a textbook example of how to use AIDET even when starting a difficult IV.

A fellow nurse said, "Stacey is a great nurse, not just because she has exceptional skills but because she cares for her patients and her staff."

Meet Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner:   Angela Trompler, RN, a charge nurse on Unit 500. The first thing you'll notice about Angela is her positive attitude, even during challenging times.

She's also very helpful and goes the extra mile.  When patient volume is high, she'll take the extra patients herself instead of assigning extra patients to busy nurses or calling in another nurse.

An advocate for patient care, she has excellent assessment skills, promotes patient care initiatives, and is an excellent preceptor for new staff.  She embodies the  mission statement of the hospital.

Even on her time off, she's caring for others.  She was very involved with the "Relay for Life" to promote cancer awareness.

Erin Boren RN Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner:   Erin Boren, RN, an MICU nurse, is the kind of person patients and coworkers always want to have around.  With a smile on her face and a positive, engaging attitude she is respected and well-liked by fellow employees, physicians, and patients alike.

Her coworkers appreciate that she communicates well with other team members and always puts her patients first so that they receive the best possible care.  She constantly continues to expand her knowledge base and has excellent assessment skills, always recognizing any change in a patient's status and handling critical issues well.

Erin is very attentive to her patients' needs never appearing rushed or without time to make sure they understand the plan of care.  Patients and their families love Erin because she often spends one-on-one time with them and makes sure that they feel comfortable.

She has excellent people skills and works well with her own team as well as other departments, providing excellent care to our MICU patients. 

 Congratulations to Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner. Sharon Soucy’s coworkers say that her positive attitude, ability to handle stressful situations, and experienced professionalism make her an asset to Unit 400.

Sharon takes time to bond with the patients and really get to know them. She anticipates their needs so they don’t have to ask for anything. She always smiles and greets them with a positive statement. Patients and their families get her respect, compassion and thorough explanations.

The physicians appreciate the rapport she builds with them. She will round with our physicians when the unit is busy and update the other nurses.

Her coworkers say that Sharon is a role model as well as a team player, always willing to help her fellow staff.

Congratulations to Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner: Lisa Brooker, RN, a weekend charge nurse in the emergency department.

Lisa, a frequent honorable mention for the Daisy Award, is known for being a team player. Lisa is at the center of the team, whether it’s the lighter side, like organizing a birthday celebration or baby shower, or the critical times, like being the first to jump in if a patient is in cardiac arrest.

A former paramedic, her triage skills are excellent. Her trauma and resuscitation skills make her a pillar in our emergency department.

Lisa has good rapport with physicians and co-workers, and she never hesitates to stop what she is doing to answer questions. She shows compassion and empathy to our patients and their families, and those who return often request her by name.

Congratulations to Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner: Krista Bleeker, RN, from Unit 400. 

Krista is known for having a great attitude. She always works with a smile and approaches her shift with a “can do” outlook, even in those worst case scenarios. She never complains about helping or staying late when someone is busy or running late.

She’s also a great communicator. She speaks with the doctors regarding their plan of care, briefs nurses on the specific plan, and takes the time to stop and talk with the patient and family about their concerns and questions. She’s knowledgeable and willing to teach her coworkers.

Finally, one statement from her nominator is the highest praise: “Her performance is always in sync with the hospital’s mission.”

Jazz Scharnhorst, R.N.Congratulations to Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner: Jazz Scharnhorst, RN, from Unit 600. 

Jazz had made a big impression in a short amount of time. She joined Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South nine months ago after graduating from nursing school.

Jazz is recognized as being an excellent team player and always being willing to help others. In turn, she's the first to credit her co-workers. "We have an awesome team that supports each other and supports the mission of the hospital," she says. Other attributes that make her an outstanding nurse include an ability to establish a great rapport with patients' families, good time management skills, a professional and pleasant demeanor, and the knowledge of when to involve other departments to help with patient needs.

"I love my job," Jazz ads. Each day brings new opportunities and new people."

Cindy Hutzel, R.N.Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ winner, Cindy Hutzel, RN, from Outpatient Surgery  was nominated by three of her colleagues, two of whom listed timeliness and dependability among her many attributes.  For someone who arrives as early as 4:30 am to check in patients, that’s important!  As patients arrive, they are often nervous and fearful, but Cindy’s sweet nature and calm demeanor put them at ease quickly.  “Patients visibly relax when she reassures them and explains things to them,” according to a fellow nurse.

Cindy works hard and accomplishes a lot, but she never appears rushed or stressed.  For five years, her positive outlook, inner strength and sense of humor have lifted up her department and built team spirit.

Maria_Diaz, R.N.Our first Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses™ goes to Maria Diaz, R.N. from the PCU (Progressive Care Unit). Maria is recognized by physicians, coworkers and patients for great care at the bedside.

Frequently a charge nurse, Maria is knowledgeable and delivers excellent patient education. A team player, she pitches in to help coworkers, whether it’s with procedures or with translating for a patient. Her attitude is always positive and cooperative.

The DAISY Award is a national program that honors registered nurses for great clinical skill and leadership along with strong patient care and compassion.