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Genetic Counseling at Huguley Increases
Pia Summerour, MS, CGC, offers genetic counseling at Huguley in person or via a live, high-definition television.

Pia Summerour, MS, CGC, a genetic counselor with UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and the Moncrief Cancer Institute in Fort Worth, now offers a satellite clinic via telemedicine at Huguley Memorial Medical Center.  She provides genetic counseling, testing and risk assessment to individuals with cancer or with a strong family history of cancer.

Summerour has been coming to The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Huguley monthly to provide genetic counseling for the last year.  She will now be available more frequently via the additional telemedicine clinic, in which patients come to the Education building at Huguley and consult with Summerour via a live, high-definition video.

“Our goal is to provide world-class medical care for patients regardless of where they live,” says Summerour. “Through telemedicine, patients no longer need to worry about obstacles such as transportation problems and scheduling time away from their work.” 

Genetic counseling includes obtaining a detailed personal and family history, a risk assessment, and a discussion of the genetic testing options.  For individuals with increased risk for hereditary cancer, genetic counseling can help them make informed medical decisions based on their own personal risk assessment. This information can have a significant impact on a person's life by allowing them to better manage their health and reduce their risk of developing cancer.  Genetic counseling can help cancer patients and their families determine treatment options, surveillance methods, surgical decision making, and follow-up care.

Summerour earned a master of science in genetic counseling with highest honors from California State University in Northridge, California.  For eight years, she has been based at UT Southwestern Medical Center and holds satellite clinics at several locations in Dallas and Tarrant Counties.

For more information, contact Pia Summerour at 817-838-4887.  To schedule an appointment at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, contact Chynna Upchurch at 817-551-5312.  To schedule a telemedicine consultation, contact Luisa Hernandez at 214-645-2563.