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Hodges to Provide Inpatient Diabetes Care
Angela Hodges, PharmD, is Huguley’s new Clinical Pharmacist Diabetes Specialist. Formerly a clinical pharmacist at Huguley, Hodges now liaises between diabetic patients, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, dieticians, and other patient care providers to monitor diabetic patients’ glucose levels. Hodges’ goal is to keep those levels within normal limits.

“When a patient’s glucose level is in the right range, they’re less likely to have infections or other complications, and it’s easier for them to heal. Then they can get better and out of the hospital as soon as possible,” says Hodges.

“Angela’s role is very important because more and more patients are requiring hyperglycemia management while in the hospital.  She educates physicians, nurses and pharmacists in the care of the patient to bring the patient’s blood sugar under control in a quick time frame,” says Sharon Washburn, Huguley’s patient safety director. “Her vast experience in pharmacy  and the knowledge of the effects of the different types of insulin on the patient’s blood sugar help her meet the challenges of the job.”

A Fort Worth resident, Hodges graduated from Texas Southern University and completed her residency at Owen Healthcare. While a pharmacy clinical coordinator at East Houston Regional Medical Center, she was also the Hospital Corporation of America Gulf Coast clinical pharmacy group liaison and a TSU adjunct professor. She joined Huguley in 2007.