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Huguley Fitness Center Keeps Dela Felber in Stitches

Dela Felber of Crowley created a king-size quilt combining thirty t-shirts from her sixteen years as a member of Huguley Fitness Center.  Mrs. Felber has collected Huguley Fitness Center t-shirts from various contests and incentives.

“The shirts were stacking up in my closet, so I thought of something better to do with them.  The most memorable shirt was the Walking Club II shirt because I had to walk 200 miles to get the shirt,” explained Mrs. Felber, who exercises five days a week at Huguley Fitness Center with her husband, Kenneth.

Mrs. Felber began quilting at her church just a few years ago.  Her quilt was displayed at the Huguley Fitness Center’s 25th anniversary celebration on Monday, February 8.