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Huguley Raises the Bar Again on Patient Safety
On December 6, Huguley Memorial Medical Center will launch a new, safer and more accurate process for administering medication to patients. Medication Positive Patient Identification (mPPID), also called Closed Loop Medication Administration, reduces the possibility of a medication or dosing error in the hospital. mPPID significantly improves patient safety.

With mPPID, nurses scan the bar codes on patients’ wristbands along with bar codes on individual medication doses ordered by physicians. Once a nurse has successfully logged into a patient’s electronic medical record, and before the medication is administered, the bar code on the patient’s wristband confirms who the patient is and accesses the patient’s electronic medical record to determine if there is an order for that medication. If the medication ordered on a scanned patient is not a perfect match, the clinician is notified immediately.

Medication Positive Patient Identification is one of many systems Huguley has implemented to strengthen the quality of patient care. In March, Huguley implemented a computerized provider order entry program that eliminates handwritten physician orders, thus reducing medical errors and speeding up patient care. 

These changes improve patient safety, allow nurses to spend more time at the bedside, improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce medical costs.  As of July, only 13% of the 5,000 hospitals nationwide tracked by HIMSS Analytics have reached this stage of electronic medical record adoption.