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Medicare Data Ranks Huguley Home Health Higher Than State, Local Agencies

The latest data released by Medicare ranks Huguley Home Health higher than local, state and national agencies on the ten outcomes tracked by Medicare.  For example, 73% of Huguley Home Health patients are able to remain at home when home health care ends.  The local average is 59%, state average is 60% and the national average is 68%.

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services compares data from the 61 zip codes served by Huguley Home Health to other local agencies who serve the same local market.  In each outcome, Huguley Home Health ranked higher than the average of local agencies in the 61 zip codes served by Huguley Home Health.  Also, Huguley Home Health scored better than the state average in nine of the ten measures and better than the national average in eight measures.

CMS measures ten outcomes common to patients receiving home health care:

  • improvement getting to and from bed
  • decreased shortness of breath
  • ability to walk and move
  • less pain when moving
  • better at bathing
  • taking medication as prescribed
  • bladder control improvement
  • remaining at home after home health care ends
  • urgent, unplanned care visit
  • admission to hospital.

 “Our better outcomes are a reflection of our loyal field staff of nurses, therapists, aides and social workers.  Patients respond well to their caring, dedication and experience.”  said Wiley Whitten, Huguley Home Health Administrator.