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New MRI at Huguley Provides Sharpest Image Available
Huguley Memorial Medical Center has recently installed a new MRI machine that dramatically improves the resolution of images and reduces the amount of time required for each scan.  The new machine also has a new accessory specifically designed to do breast imaging.

“This new technology gives us even better image quality, with more definition and enhanced contrast in three dimensions.  It produces a cube of data that can pick up nerves as small as 2 millimeters with excellent detail.  This improves the accuracy and reliability of a patient’s diagnosis,” said Diane Hanson, director of radiology services. 

In addition to the enhanced resolution, the GE Signa HDxt was designed so that less of the patient’s body enters the machine, reducing the enclosed feeling that patients may experience.  Also, its dockable table transports patients directly from their hospital bed to the unit without a wheelchair ride, which is a plus for patients with broken bones.

The room that houses the MRI has been renovated also.  Special pads and flooring reduce the noise and vibration of the machine.  The room is lined in copper to reduce any distracting radiofrequencies that might interfere with the best quality image.

Huguley’s Imaging Department also recently added a new CT scanner, which doubles the hospital’s capacity and improves convenience and efficiency for emergency patients.