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Some Like It Hot

Patients Ask for Hot Meals and Huguley Listens

Huguley Memorial Medical Center aims to ensure all patients are as comfortable as possible during their hospital stay. When recent patient surveys showed dissatisfaction with the food service, Nutrition Services Director Diane Eady sprang into action.  Nearly 500 patient meals are served each day.

“Naturally, we want our patients to be 100 per cent satisfied with their stay at Huguley. Our old food trays were outdated, so we invested in a top of the line system,” Eady explains. “After surveying the patients again in February, we’re thrilled to learn that they are completely satisfied in four areas: hot food, cold food, tray appearance, and courtesy of delivery staff.”

The new system, implemented on January 31, uses a base with a computer chip. The base is placed on a charger and heated for 10-12 seconds; then the food is plated, placed on the base and covered with a color-coordinated dome. The food remains piping hot for 45-60 minutes, allowing staff time to deliver high quality, attractive meals.

The Nutrition Services department covers more than patient meals for Huguley. The same staff team serves about 500 meals per day in the cafeteria, and responds to requests for catering and tailored menus.

“I’m proud to say that our staff is excited with our new meal tray system,” says Eady. “Delivering meals at the correct temperature on our attractive new trays makes them more enjoyable for our patients.  And when our patients ask, we listen.”