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Student Chaplains Join Huguley

Six residents and three interns have joined Huguley Memorial Medical Center for clinical pastoral education (CPE), a hands-on chaplaincy training program for ministers, seminary students and qualified laypeople.  The CPE program is a professional education for ministry that brings student chaplains of all faiths into supervised encounters with persons in crisis.

Students of the CPE program minister to patients, families and staff under the supervision of a certified CPE supervisor.  Chaplain residency is one year, and chaplain internships last one semester.

The student interns and residents get hands-on experience by conducting patient visits, daily worship services, and community grief classes.  Through personal encounters, individual reflection and group sessions, students learn how to assist families during a crisis, work with medical staff and handle complex medical and ethical situations.  In return, the hospital has a chaplain always present on the premises and can offer a chaplain visit to every patient.

Recently, Huguley and the John Peter Smith Health Network established a collaborative arrangement to place CPE students enrolled in the Huguley program at John Peter Smith Hospital.