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Texas Health Huguley Imaging Center Again Receives Perfect Score
Janet Rogers, R.T. (R) (M) ARRT and Margaret Conant, R.T. (R) (M) ARRT help ensure patients receive high-quality digital images at Texas Health Huguley Imaging Center. 

For the third time since opening in 2006, Texas Health Huguley Imaging Center received a perfect score for digital mammography on its recent annual Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) inspection by the Food and Drug Administration.  

The certified inspector examines mammographic equipment, personnel training, and quality control procedures and frequencies.  The inspection certifies that the facility maintains stringent quality standards, thus ensuring patients receive high-quality digital images to facilitate early breast cancer detection.  A comprehensive list of state requirements must also be followed.

“The purpose of the inspection is to assure patients that they are receiving a quality mammogram on accurate equipment by qualified staff.  Women can trust that they will receive precise, reliable mammograms,” said Diane Hanson, Texas Health Huguley Imaging Services Director.

Huguley Imaging Center has two digital mammography machines, which are twice as fast as traditional mammograms, and uses soft, comfortable pads for the patient’s comfort.  The outstanding image quality yields a 28% increase in breast cancer detection at its earliest stages.