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Texas Health Huguley Patient Celebrates 100th Birthday on 7.17.17

Gatha Batson of Burleson, born on July 17, 1917 in Oklahoma, celebrated his 100th birthday at Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South on July 17, 2017.

Physicians at Texas Health Huguley performed a procedure to clear up intestinal complications. During his stay at Texas Health Huguley, Batson was cared for under the supervision of primary care physician, Dr. Ehab Hanna and surgeon, Dr. Wesley Marquart.

Batson, the family outdoorsman is now home surrounded by his family and friends doing what he loves most; enjoying classic westerns and sports.

When asked the secret to living 100 years, Batson replied, “When hit with an obstacle, the only option is to move forward”.

Batson celebrated his monumental day with Wanda Batson, his wife of 42 years as well as family members who traveled from as far as Wyoming to congratulate him.

In earlier years, Batson was an avid fisher, hunter and gardener. His family agreed that he can usually be found watching football or John Wayne westerns.

Although the Batson family has visited Texas Health Huguley in the past, this was their first visit to the new patient tower.

 “We are nothing short of impressed—from the doctors, nurses, housekeeping and marketing personnel, we have received excellent treatment,” shared Wanda Batson. 

Gatha Batson is loved by 11 children and over 30 grandchildren.